The aim of the EducEO project is to better understand how the emergence of millions of passionate Citizen Scientists could be capitalized to make the most of Earth Observation products.

Pilot Project: Forest Biomass Analysis

Volunteer users will gather forest inventory data including stem biomass, tree species, tree height and age, to be utilized as in-situ data for forest biomass computation with satellite imagery.

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Pilot Project: Emergency Data Management

Use of up-to-date Earth Observation (EO) and Citizen Science (CS) data in emergency data management and coordination is an emerging field with high potential. This pilot will seek ways to combine EO and CS data for better data management.

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Pilot Project: Water Quality Monitoring

Citizens are engaged to make observations about water quality in the Baltic Sea and lakes of Finland. The citizen observations are then compared with satellite-based water quality products available for the Baltic Sea areas.

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